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Dr. Anjanette DeCarlo

Promoting resilient and regenerative supply chains


From making strategic decisions to developing your capabilities, I’m here to help. Using my expertise and deep understanding of the industry, you’ll receive real solutions and experience true results. Get in touch to book a meeting.

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We offer a variety of services, including sustainability and risk analysis, CSR Development, and research services. Please contact us to see how we can help sustainably grow your business!

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"I started working with Anjanette in September of 2017. The thing that impressed me initially was Anjanette’s unbridled concern for the environment, especially forest ecosystems. After several years of collaboration, I have found that Anjanette’s field research has produced high-quality data that have resulted in several joint peer-reviewed publications. Not only is Anjanette a good colleague philosophically but she is also well respected scientifically."

Dr. William N. Setzer / Professor Emeritus / The University of Alabama in Huntsville

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